Those adverts 07/06/17

Ok this is a parody of many adverts I saw on the TV at the time. Where the man of the house is always shown to be a complete and utter buffoon. He enters and displays some Rube Goldburg like machine for cleaning the toilet for example. Which quickly ruins everything. But then the Woman of the house enters with a simple and cost saving solution that she is advertising. The man is amazed but is also a little confused why there is film crew in the house; something he has just realised. The Woman leads the man outside so he can work on the garden. He starts trimming the hedges using a pair of nail clippers. She rolls her eyes and gives him an electric hedge trimmer. Which he starts using to gain her approval.

A camera records his every move. He finally notices. He starts to wonder how he managed to find the woman of his dreams and live in a beautiful house despite his wide spread incompetence.

‘Is my whole life a lie? Am I merely a commercialised object of ridicule?’

But then he realised that if he was, there was no better change HE could make.

‘Best not to think about it’.

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